Selling Corporate Awards in your Business

selling corporate awards in your business

With more than 30 years’ experience Premier Awards has been helping Re-sellers make profits from quality Corporate Awards. We deal with promotional and merchandising companies every day in a partnership that becomes win-win for both the supplier and distributor.

We help Promo Businesses tap into their own client base to achieve pivot sales in awards. Promo companies deal with corporate event managers, human resources and marketing producers in promotional and merchandising on a daily basis. So does Premier Awards. This gives Promo Businesses the opportunity to cross-sell and achieve new sales in awards from the customers they are already working with.

The thing about Corporate Awards is that they are a higher priced item to the typical promo merchandise so a higher unit profit is made. If you are selling a pen, you are making 0.70c per unit. If you sell a drink bottle you are making something like $6.50 per unit. But with awards that retail for $100 per unit you are making $20.00 per unit if you sell at the competitive recommended retail price, which is what Premier Awards sells to their own customers. So awards sales offers a high yield in dollar value and extra sales for your own customer base.

A great example is a major Telco that uses a promotional company for merchandise for their major awards events. Adding the awards to the merchandise order adds probably double the profit from the one event.

Premier Awards, with their experienced team and in-depth capability, make a great partner for Promo Companies as we know what your customers need and we uphold your quality and service standards simply because we have very high standards ourselves. The Premier Awards director always says “make every award as if it is for your Mum.” We get deadlines, we get quality, we get accuracy, we get that we are part of your fulfillment team and we get a kick out of great customer service.

Partnering with Premier Awards for Corporate Awards makes sense — we do all the work. Selling Corporate Awards could be just the pivot your business needs to help bullet proof it throughout the next couple of years.