Sandblasting is Best for Glass and Crystal engraving

sandblasting is best for glass and crystal engraving

Sandblasting is the preferred method of engraving glass for engravers that are quality focused. At Premier Awards we use the sandblast etching method to engrave all crystal trophies, glass trophies, glassware, and glass panels because it is simply the best method to ensure our customers get uncompromised quality work. Many companies use Laser Engraving because it’s simple but it has a far lesser quality finish than sandblasted glass.

Laser engraving of glass and crystal trophies works but the finish is dull and the edges of the engraving is ragged making it look un-sharp. This is because the laser process is firing a laser beam at the glass and it is engraved by chipping the glass. You can never get a bright crisp and sharp finish using a laser. Sandblasting uses and abrasive media to etch into the glass surface leaving a bright even frosted finish. Laser engraving is done by chipping the glass surface and creates an uneven chipped and somewhat dull finish but sandblasting leaves a very even frosted bight finish. The finish is clearly a much higher quality. Where laser engraving chipping process can’t help but to leave a slight rough edge because of its inherent process the sandblasting process uses a precise image stencil to produce the etching is exactly the right place with exceptional edge clarity which defines the finish and makes the method of sandblasting glass and crystal clear leader if the receiver of the work is concerned about quality work.

There are four specific and common ways to engrave glass. Hand engraving with a diamond engraving bit which is the classic traditional way and requires a steady hand and an experienced hand engraver. It’s rarely used these days for glass. There is chemical etching which is done by making a stencil and applying acid. This is manly used by hobbyists and is messy, smelly and doesn’t give a consistent quality finish. It gives a very light surface etching. Next is sandblasting which has been used for many years to etch into glass. Sandblasting uses the process of making a stencil and applying it to the glass. It is then sandblasted. We don’t use sand anymore – we now use refined abrasives like aluminium oxide, which happens to be an ingredient of glass itself. Sandblasting produces the best engraving by far and has a consistent bright frost finish that is etched into the glass surface. It simply looks beautiful. In modern days Laser Engravers have become a major process for engraving many materials including glass but it produces a far inferior finish and that is precisely why Premier Awards uses the sandblasting process for engraving glass and crystal awards and glassware.

We don’t compromise our standards of quality for convenience we just get really good at the processes that provide our customers the best quality finish and we get price competitive by professional process management and efficiencies in production. We supply corporate awards to major corporations and small businesses that use our awards as recognition and brand pride. We would never compromise our clients brand and icon of achievement by using anything other than the best processes to produce the best outcomes.