Making Custom Awards

Recognition is such an important part of our society and the classic iconic memento is the trophy. There are many standard items that become customised/personalised but there is always the option of creative custom design awards that offer a unique and exclusive creation for an awards ceremony. Custom designed trophies, also known as Bespoke Awards, can be designed with the event or organisation in mind.

Through our extensive experience in custom manufacture, Premier Awards offers an array of solutions and materials to fit a broad client budget. Custom designed trophies are more expensive than standard ranges and incur the design aspect costs.  As a one-off they can be quite expensive but of course the payoff is a unique eye catching creation.

We do try to cater for any budget and have developed some adaptable standards such as our Acrylic fluid form range which takes standard costed materials and allows for a fluid shaping and imaging to create something special without a big price tag.

Regarding our custom design manufacturing process, we have been doing this for many years and use skilled, proven craftspeople and thought out construction processes to make something special for our customers. Creating custom designed awards is always satisfying for the maker and there’s often an almost emotional goodbye as it is packed into shipping boxes and sent on its way. An example of this is the Sarah Tate Trophy which honours an Australian champion rower. Commissioned by Rowing Australia, the design combines the sport of rowing and the heritage of Sarah’s home state. The gracious swan was formed in layers of polished metal that glide together to form a regal and contemporary award befitting of the great athlete that Sarah was. This award is a great example of our approach to custom design. We take your passion and vision and create a piece that represents the true spirit of the award. It’s a very satisfying adventure for us to combine our creativity, knowledge and experience of materials to produce such special pieces.

Design work is done in house or by the customer themselves, or a bit of both. We sometimes get no brief apart from what the event is and who the customer is and we just come up with something befitting. In these cases the design often starts with squiggles and doodles on paper until an idea is formed which then proceeds to technical drawings. Sometimes the customer will give us a complete design brief including drawings etc and we then work out how to make it. Other times we get a vision from the customer and take it from there. 

Custom awards can be made out of any material. Main materials include metal, glass, acrylic and timber. Manufacturing times vary depending on design and production requirements. Major custom awards can take 4-8 weeks but we always manage to squeeze into time frames.

Other stand out custom awards are: The Qantas Trophy; simple, iconic, elegant. The exclusive Champion of Champions Business Awards that ooze small business pride. The stand out Renault Trophy with proud metal badge and cool sublime pattern etched into solid black crystal. Konica Minolta National Specialised Print Awards that blaze in the glory of colour. The Bend Motor Sports Trophies that take on the track theme with a cutting edge creative contemporary design. And of course, one of Australia’s most iconic entertainment industry awards – The TV Week Logies.

Creating custom awards is fun, and working with clients to achieve something stunning and unique is a specialty service we have been involved in for more than 30 years. We take on your passion and give it back to you in the form of quality made bespoke recognition icons.